The Importance of being Personal

As you connect with individuals who either want to subscribe to our 2 amazing FluentWorlds App or who want to become Ambassadors, remember this simple rule:  “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Stated another, we want you to be engaged personally with people. You will never hear me say:  “It’s just business.” To the contrary, I believe that every business transaction has its basis in a Personal Relationship.

So try each day to make a personal connection with your people. Take the time to comment personally and connect personally via Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn etc. For example, if your friend “Bill” posted an article or shared a thought, most people will either simply click “Like” or not bother at all.

I am suggesting that you take the time to write a Personal Note.  A simple:  “Bill – what you wrote here is exceptional or Heather – those insights really helped me today” go a long way. When someone takes the time to post a photo or outline their views on a subject, you should take the extra step that others don’t. My commenting personally with your connection, it will deepen your personal relationship with your contact.

I know from experience that the personalized message always gets a substantially higher positive response rate. It also gives you the opportunity to find mutual points of contact with your new business connection.

Be part of the small minority of people that take the time to comment or endorse in a personal way.